Comindas (Mains)

Mexican House Signature Nachos (G)(V)

A baked plate of Corn Chips smothered with melted cheese & finely chopped jalapenos. Topped with guacamole, sour cream & salsa.
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Signature Fajitas

The sizzling plate that makes everyone say WOW! Hot,Sizzling, strips of marinated Beef, Chicken or Combination or our Chicken & Prawn Sautéed with green & red capsicum, onions & complimented with warm tortillas. Served with rice, lettuce & guacamole. Try it with a side of sour cream, cheese & salsa!

Beef, Chicken or Combination
Chicken & Prawn
Extras for Especial Nachos (G)(V)

Add something extra to your nachos, add beef Chicken, Con Carne, or Frijoles for an extra:

Small +
Large +
Party +
Quesadilla Delight (V)

Folded flour tortilla filled with frijoles con queso, cheese, tomato, onion & salsa baked with your choice of Beef, Chicken or Seafood then topped with Guacamole, sour cream & salsa & served with rice

La Combination (G)

Beef or Chicken Enchilada, taco & taquito served with frijoles & rice

Enchilada Chica (G)

Beef or Chicken Enchilada with a crispy taco & rice

Enchilada Avalanche (G)

Three enchiladas, beef, cheese & chicken, served with rice and frijoles

Cacerola Con Carne

A sautéed beef casserole cooked in spicy chilli sauce, served with rice, frijoles & flour tortillas

Enchilada Grande (G)

Two Beef or Chicken Enchiladas, cooked with cheese onion & enchilada sauce, served with frijoles & rice

Open Fish Taco

Two soft tortilla filled battered flathead fish fillets with a delicious combination of chilli mayo, guacamole, cabbage and pickled onion

Enchilada Neuvo Mexico (G)

THE BIG ONE Three high stacked corrn tortillas filled with beef, onion & cheese, covered with enchilada sauce, topped with egg & melted cheese served with beef taco, rice & frijoles

Trio of Tacos (G)

Three soft or crisp shell tacos served with rice.

Burrito Yucatan

Flour tortilla filled with frijoles con queso, cheese, onion & salsa, topped with cheese, sour cream, served with rice & salad

Burrito Del Mar

Fresh prawns & scollops in a mild creamy sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla. Topped with more sauce and served with rice & frijoles.

Burrito Pollo

Flour tortilla filled with tender pieces of chicken and sweet corn, tomatoes, onion and cheese. Topped with cheese and corn sauce, rice & frijoles

Burrito Ranchero

Flour tortilla filled with the best chilli south of the border, topped with cheese, served with rice & frijoles

Burrito Cacerola

Flour tortilla filled with tender beef slowly cooked in a smild spicy chilli sauce. Topped sour cream, rice & frijoles

Avocado Del Mar

Two avocado halves filled with prawns & scollops in a mild cream sauce, baked and served with rice & frijoles

Little Amigos

Under 12  Choose from:

  • Kids Nachos
  • Taco & Chips
  • Nuggets & Chips
Includes a Soft Drink & Ice Cream

Lados (Sides)

Jalapeno Chillis
Sour Cream
Sour cream, Salsa & Cheese
Chilli Con Carne
Flour tortillas