Entrada (Entrees)

Chilli Con Carne Dip (G)

The best chilli this side of the border! Slow cooked beef, chilli, beans, onions, tomatoes & topped with cheese & sour cream.

Combo Dips (G) (V)

A trio of dips Guacamole, Frijole Con Queso, Chilli Con Carne in tortilla cups, served with crispy corn chips.

Taquitos (G)

Corn Tortillas rolled around shredded beef, chicken, deep fried & garnished with salsa & lettuce (2 per serve)

Taco (G) (V)

Soft or crispy tortilla folded with your choice of Beef, Chicken, Chilli or Bean, topped with lettuce, salsa & cheese

Crispy Potato Skins (G) (V)

Served with Mexican rice, sour cream & your choice of Beef & Cheese, Chicken, Chilli Con Carne, seafood or frijoles

Enchilada (G)

A corn tortilla, oven baked with cheese & your choice of Beef, Chicken & topped with the best enchilada sauce in town! Served with rice